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The Aquadream Concept

As a specialist in prefabricated bathrooms pods, Aquadream has designed product lines for student housing and disabled people.

Fully equipped and ready to install, Aquadream bathrooms have numerous advantages for builders who need to get things done quickly while controlling costs. The bathroom pod concept is revolutionary. Pods are fast and easy to install, with just one hot/cold water supply and one wastewater evacuation.

Aquadream bathrooms pods are safe and convenient, and make excellent use of space by including all necessary functions and leaving room for personal touches.

At Aquadream, we have cutting edge industrial capabilities and can meet the high demand for our pods.

In new constructions and renovations (assembled on site), Aquadream bathroom pods will meet all your requirements.

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Aquadream: sustainable development bathrooms, prefabricated bathrooms, ready to install bathrooms, shower stalls. - designer and manufacturer bathroom and shower