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Aquadream Bathroom: AQUACooL


AQUACooL according to AQUADREAM: the first sustainable development prefabricated bathroom pod

Bathroom pods are a technical innovation in keeping with the times, and more and more people in France and Europe are choosing this option.

In this fast-growing market, Aquadream has designed the first sustainable development prefabricated bathroom pod: AQUACooL.

Designed for collective housing applications (student housing, clinics, group homes, etc.), AquaCooL is made from 100% recyclable materials in response to today’s environmental concerns, providing an essential added value to developers and builders.

AquaCooL, produced in compliance with the HQE® eco-building system, is composed of 5 sections (floor, ceiling and walls) made of recyclable thermoplastic that is fire resistant class M2, with anti-skid flooring for added safety.


  • Uniform, recyclable thermoplastic shell, fire resistant class M2 F1, in 5 sections: Floor, walls and ceiling
  • Self-bearing, stand-alone, anti-skid floor
  • Surface finish: Interior smooth and textured depending on patterns, exterior smooth as moulded, ready for dry walling
  • Unit can be shipped either factory assembled or in a kit for on-site assembly (required door clearance 60 cm).


1 white porcelain hanging toilet
1 white toilet lid
1 PVC toilet drain pipe Ø 100
1 built-in dual flow toilet cistern
1 dual-flow cistern flush control panel
1 toilet paper holder
1 moulded recess with wood effect shelf

1 Sink basin
1 PVC p-trap Ø 32
1 large fixed low-lead mirror
1 wood effect sink counter top
1 moulded niche

1 shower area built into the structure.
2 large moulded soap and shampoo recesses
1 PVC trap Ø 40
1 weighted white shower curtain with rod

Lighting – 3 energy saving spotlights
Equipotential bonding

1 aluminium doorframe painted white (700 mm structural opening),
1 painted wood door, width 730 mm
1 lock
1 handle
1 towel rack
1 double robe hook

1 sink faucet unit with ceramic cartridge.
(Water saver)
1 shower faucet unit with ceramic cartridge.
(Water saver)
1 riser rail with flexible hose and shower head attachment.
Or fixed head option

1 vent Ø 125 auto-adjustable 30m3/h

Optional inspection hatch under the sink.

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